OEDI Board and Executive Director

President (2023-25)
Chief Mark Daniel
Mt. Angel Police Department
Wk: 503-845-9294
Executive Director (2013-Present)
Alan J. Scharn
Cell: 503-851-1611
Vice-President (2023-25)
Captain Gregg C. Withers
Oregon State Police
(Office of Professional Standards)
Special Agent Jon Sorenson
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Wk: 503-460-8513
Secretary (2023-25)
Director at Large D-2 (2022-24)
Operations Manager Steven Long
Yamhill Communications Agency (YCOM)
Wk: 503-435-5684
Treasurer (2023-25)
Commander Kevin Schultz, Ret.
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Director at Large D-3 (2023-25)
Assistant Director Rob Persson
Oregon Department of Corrections
Wk: 971-600-6249
Director at Large D-1 (2024-26)
Lieutenant Leigh Erickson
Tigard Police Department
Wk: 503-718-2761
Director at Large D-4 (2022-24)
Immediate Past President (2016-Present)
Commander Robert L. Rogers
Tigard Police Department
Wk: 503-718-2551